Consultant Interview

So, in a consultant interview, the stakes are a little higher for the interview panel, as the successful candidate is likely to be staying at that particular unit for about 15-25 years

This may actually change in the future as, I believe, more people will move around at consultant level again, as new consultant posts will probably start to evolve into a different sort of role than current consultant posts – but that’s a whole different story!

The same principles and rules apply for consulant interviews as for junior medical post interviews or even medical school interviews. However, clearly what is expected of you differs. You are expected to possess even more insight into yourself, greater leadership skills and an idea of how you might want to influence the unit, which you intend to join

Again, we can go through the details more carefully in the course, but for now –¬†consider who will be on¬†your consultant inteview panel and what is their agenda. By considering the agenda of the individual interview panel members, you will be better able to tailor your answer to their angle and sell the benefits of your candidacy more potently

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