One To One Interview Training

Sometimes, it’s helpful to have a more personalised interview training session. It means that I can tailor the advice and feedback to your particular needs, strengths and weaknesses.

  • We can work out which points we need to stress in your interview and understand how to design those messages and stories in advance.
  • We can work on your ability to quickly create structured, confident and relevant answers
  • We can talk through the particular issues around the post and your competition

We can organise a one to one medical interview training session in one of two ways

  1. Meet up in Portsmouth for a 4 hour face to face interview coaching session

    This allows me to feedback on your answers and body language really quickly.

    The sessions are held at the Langstone hotel on Hayling Island, which is near Portsmouth. There is free parking there.

    Prior to this session, we will have a 60 minute online session, during which I will give you some preparatory homework tasks to help you make the best use of this 4 hour session.

    This package costs £500 for your 4 hour session face to face session and your 60 minute online preparatory session.

  2. Meet online for four 90 minute online coaching sessions

    This is more time efficient if you have got a busy schedule or live too far away from Portsmouth to travel down within a reasonable time frame.

    So you can save on travel time and travel costs.

    The first session is a tutorial, during which I teach you how to alter your thinking to help you succeed in your interview. I also give you some homework tasks to help direct the best use of your time in the run up to your interview.

    The next three sessions are question and answer sessions, during which you will be answering typical questions that you will be facing in your medical school, ST or consultant interview.

    I will then critique your answers to constantly improve your knowledge and technique.

    This package costs £500 for your four 90 minute coaching sessions.

If you want to arrange some personalised interview coaching, fill out this form and I will be in touch soon