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This medical interview course that you are about to access is a series of audiovisual tutorials, which have been designed and scripted by me. I have used some of the best technology to deliver that material to you in an engaging way and hired one of the top UK voiceovers, Ricky Salmon, to deliver the vocals.

As well as the more than 300 minutes of training, I will also be adding more material to this site, in terms of training videos, pages and quizzes, all aimed to help you get the job you want and succeed at it.

The initial subscription will be for £40 for 30 days access. Thereafter you will be charged £10 a month for as long as you choose. So, you can easily cancel the recurring payments and just enjoy the main interview training material for the full 30 days, or you can stick around and for the £10/month you will retain access to the interview training course material and also receive new courses on various topics ranging from running an efficient meeting, managing your time more efficiently, incorporating evidenced based medicine into your practice, devising a successful business case and anything else you might need to succeed in your career.

So, just to be clear, by just clicking on the button below, you will be charged a one off fee of £40 and then be just minutes away from getting access to your interview training material and you will also be subscribed in to a much bigger and growing course, for only £10 a month. You will be able to cancel this commitment at any time you choose.

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