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As a way of congratulating you on your committment to improve your candidacy and career chances at your medical interview, I wanted to share with you another free video on what I believe are the three secret questions that any medical interview panel wants to explore

Once you understand where the interview panel is coming from, you will be better placed to help them do what you want them to do – which is to appoint you!

Your medical interview is really a kind of meeting between the interview panel and you. One of the many things that I have discovered, as I have become a consultant, is that in any meeting, you are far more likely to achieve your outcomes if you work out your opposition’s agenda first – although you shouldn’t really think of them as your opposition, but you know what I mean

You should try to consider what the interview panel are really looking for. In this FREE tutorial, I will share with you the three secret questions that the interview panel is really trying to explore

Again, you may not get this from any of the other interview experts out there. Many other courses are given by people who have interviewed doctors before and believe that because they’ve done it – they must be good. The reality is that very few doctors receive formal training to be on an interview panel. A few are interested, but usually it’s down to the people who “have” to go because they are the medical director or they have a training role as college tutor, etc.

Very few medical interview courses are run by people who have studied selection theory. So, if you are going on a face to face course – and they are a good idea (as long as you choose your trainer wisely) then you may still want to have a look at this online medical interview course to help you prepare for your medical interview course as well as your medical interview, as the chances are high that you will learn a ton on this course that your trainer will never have heard of